1. Mat & Store Prints to Last

Extend the time your giclée prints maintain their color vibrancy by using acid and lignen free mats and storage materials, and techniques that mimimize moisture and ultra violet (UV) light penetration.

Use these acid & lignen free to materials to minimize print discoloration:
- Preservation & Conservation quality mat board, including foam core mat backing;
- Preservation & Conservation Tapes;
- Acid Free Ink for markings;
- Acid & Lignen Free Storage containers if prints are not framed.

To minimize moisture damage that causes prints to discolor or buckle:
- Mount print on foam core that is acid & lignen free;
- Make certain the front mat that frames the print is thick enough to separate the print from the glass or plastic face of the frame in the event condensation does occur;
- Use proper framing materials and techniques to minimize both moisture & UV light penetration.

2. Frames that Protect

Frames contribute to the longetivity of a print by reducing the amount of UV light and moisture that contacts the print.

UV Light Protection
- Use UV light tempered glass or plastic to protect framed prints.

Moisture Protection
- Use backing paper to signal if moisture issues are occuring.
- Make certain all frame parts, including glass and mats are tight and secure.

Ultravoilet light and moisture are the two environmental factors that frames and storage containers are built to reduce.
- Hang framed prints away from prolonged direct sunlight contact;
- Store prints away from sunlight;
- Avoid dramatic room temperature variations, particularly during humid conditions;
Place a sheet of 100% cotton, acid & lignen free paper on both sides of a print, then roll and place it in non acid & lignen free storate containers or shipping tubes.


IONA Print Studio uses Epson Stylus Pro 7890 printers with archival Ultrachrome Vivid Magenta K3 Inks and archive quality fine art papers and canvas to produce prints that are colorfast for 70-100 years when properly framed and stored.